Threats Offences

Have you been charged with threats offences?
We can help you.

Please contact us for advice if you, or a family member, has been charged with threatening behaviour. Threats can range from threats to hurt someone to threats to kill. There are also threats to damage property and many other types of threats.

Please read the articles below which explain the penalties you might get for a threat charge.

They also explain how you might defend the charges against you. There are often similar questions that arise in all threat matters;

  • Did you make the threats?
  • Did you expect them to be believed?
  • What was the context they occurred in?

We have handled a large number of cases where threats have been made. We can help you with your threats case.

Please read the articles below and then come to see us for a conference or give us a call about your case.

Latest threats case studies

Our client was charged with Use Carriage Service to Menace and Threats to Inflict Serious Injury. She was 24 years old at the time of the offence and had no prior court appearances. What is …
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This is a case study on downgrading Threat to Kill and Criminal Damage charges. The client was aged 25 at the time of the offending. He had a relevant prior for a similar offending but …
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This is a case study on withdrawing Threat to Inflict Serious Injury charges. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was charged with threatening serious injury to his ex-girlfriend. The allegation was that he …
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