Tax Offences

Have you been charged with tax offences?
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We are criminal lawyers who can help you have been charged with tax offences,.

Serious charges related to tax fraud are investigated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The prosecution is then handled by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Less serious tax charges are generally prosecuted by the ATO.

Tax crimes most often involve  allegations of criminal offences committed to avoid paying tax. Another major area is claiming tax when there is no entitlement (such as revenue drawback schemes)

Please look further down the page for information about tax charges. We explain how you defend charges. We also explain what penalty you might get if you are pleading guilty.

It is important you get expert legal advice as soon as possible. We can answer your questions such;

  • How do you defend your tax charges?
  • What will be the penalty if I plead guilty?
  • What happens if I cannot find my tax documents?
  • How do I plead not guilty to tax charges?

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