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Sexual Offences Lawyers in Melbourne

Have you been charged with a sexual offence?
We can help you.

If you have been charged with sexual offences, we are criminal lawyers who can help you.

If you are pleading guilty there is a lot of preparation that can be done that will help to put your offending in its true context. 

If you are pleading not guilty our lawyers have run and won a large number of jury trials for sex charges.

A sex charge has serious consequences including being placed on the Sex Offender Register. The Register is very hard to comply with and often people are sentenced to being on it for life.

Everything must be done properly in defending your case to give you the best chance of getting the best possible result.

Sex offences are very complex and rely on differing versions of events, memories and timelines. The laws relating to prosecuting sexual offences are also complex are and cases are heard in a court list that handles sex matters only.

If you have been charged with a sexual offence it is vital that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible. We understand that these matters can be very awkward and distressing to talk about.

It is important you seek advice straight away from expert lawyers who regularly represent clients charged with sex offences.

If you are plead not guilty and we will look at issues such as;

  • Was there consent to what happened?
  • What is the first complaint?
  • Can we separate the trials in relation to different complainants?
  • Is their behaviour consistent with their complaint?

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