Sexual Offences

Have You Been Charged with A Sex Offence?

Sexual offending can vary from indecent assaultrapesexual penetration of a childincest or producing child pornography.

Clink on the links below to read further legal information regarding specific sexual offence charges and sex crime penalties as well as real case studies with actual results, all written by lawyers in Melbourne who have successfully defended cases involving sexual charges.

Sex offences are very complex and rely on versions of events. For people who are pleading guilty there is a lot of preparation that can be done that will help to put your offending in proper context. For those pleading not guilty (which means fighting the allegations against them) Doogue + George criminal defence lawyers are a firm who run and win a lot of jury trials on sex cases. Our experience is that the key to fighting sex charges is preparation.

Facing an allegation of sexual assault can be very stressful. If you are seeking information about what to expect when dealing with any type of sexual allegation, we have prepared a brochure detailing relevant important information that would be very useful.

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A sex charge has serious consequences, including being placed on the Sex Offender Register, which has a lasting impact after you have served your sentence, often for the rest of your life. Everything must be done properly in defending your case to give you the best chance of getting the best possible result.

Some issues in sex cases that run to trial are
(depending on the charge);

  • Was there consent to what happened?
  • When did they first complain and to who?
  • Have they made a compensation claim?
  • Can we separate the trials in relation to different complainants?
  • What evidence can we lead about behaviour inconsistent with the complaint?

Sexual Offence Charges

Clink on the links below to read further legal information regarding specific sexual offence charges:

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If you have been charged with a sex offence and need advice or legal representation, call  (03) 9670 5111 or Request a Callback from one of our experienced sexual offence lawyers.

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