Criminal Offences

Have you been charged with a criminal offence?

There are thousands of criminal offences you can be charged with in Victoria.
Here you will find information about how the law applies to these charges in Victoria and give you an idea of what you are facing, with information covering:

  • What is the law on the criminal offences?
  • What is the maximum penalty in the law?
  • What do the police or other prosecutor need to prove?
  • What are some of the defences to these charges?
  • Which Court will I be going to?

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There are a number of important things to think about if you are facing charges.
The first is to get an understanding of the process you will be involved in. Secondly understand what the penalty for an offence is and what are the elements of that offence. The elements are the building blocks of the offence that the Prosecution have to choose. A expert criminal lawyer will be able to explain this to you straight away.

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