Doogue + George Criminal Law Articles

Victim of Stealthing Who Gave No Affirmative Consent
Stealthing and Affirmative Consent Amendments will be introduced in Victoria in 2022 that make ‘stealthing’ explicitly a crime and introduce Read more
Getting Charges Withdrawn in the Magistrates’ Court Having charges dropped doesn’t just happen in the movies. There are several ways Read more
Sentencing Indication
Sentence Indication in the Magistrates' Court – What are They and How are They Used? A person accused of a Read more
The Value of the Suburban Law Association Having started life as a lawyer at a small criminal law firm in Read more
Pregnancy, Children, and Prisons Pregnant women and mothers of infant children who are being sentenced for criminal offences pose a Read more
Melbourne Magistrates' Court
What is a Contest Mention? You may have heard your lawyer refer to your matter ‘proceeding to contest mention hearing’. Read more
Rehabilitation Seminar
What is a Community Corrections Order? A community corrections order (‘CCO’) is a sentencing order that a Judge or Magistrate Read more
Justice Scale
Committal Mention Hearings A committal mention hearing is one of the first hearings you will need to attend if you Read more
Applying for Diversion
Diversion – How Does it Work? Many jobs and volunteer positions require a national police check, meaning a criminal history Read more
Mention Hearings at the Magistrates’ Court If you have been charged with a summary criminal offence, you will be summonsed, Read more