Drug Driving Offences

Have you been charged with drug driving offences?
We can help you.

We are criminal lawyers who can help you if you have been charged with drug driving offences.

Drug driving charges carry mandatory disqualification or suspension periods. Often these can be quite long periods of times. Especially as your driving may not have been effected by drug use when you were driving.

We understand your concerns about your drug driving charge. The starting point is whether the charges can be proved and if you have been charged appropriately.

Our first aim is to defend charges and then if there is no defence to make sure you get the minimum possible disqualification period.

We have a number of articles below which answer question such as;

  • What penalties are their for drug driving?
  • Do I have to lose my licence?
  • How do I defence drug driving charges?

Please read through the articles and call us if you want expert advice.

Latest Drug Driving Case Studies

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This is a case study on a bail application for driving offences and other charges. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was a young man who failed to attend court for matters related to an alleged attempted robbery of a shop and assaults committed in a train. Some …

Multiple Driving Charges – Fine, Licence Disqualified

This is a case study involving multiple driving charges and other offences. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was charged with numerous offences ranging from drugs, weapons, assault, and multiple traffic violations. These charges predated our client’s first court appearance for a drug offending and no other offences …

Refuse Breath Test and Other Charges – Not Guilty, Fine

This is a case study on Refuse Breath Test, traffic offences, and drug offences resulting in a fine and a “not guilty” verdict for the first offence. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was facing multiple charges involving both traffic and non-traffic offences. He was listening to the …