Intervention Orders

Are you applying for or responding to an intervention order?
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We are expert intervention order lawyers and appear regularly in all Melbourne courts for intervention order matters for applicants and respondents.

Intervention orders are commonly referred to as IVOs. There are two types of intervention orders that can be pursued through Victorian courts. These are Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVIVOs) and Personal Safety Intervention Orders (PSIVOs).

An IVO is an order imposed by a Magistrate after an application is made. Anyone in fear of their safety from a family member can make an application to the court for an FVIVO, or those that do not share a family relationship a PSIVO. In some circumstances, police can make an application on a person’s behalf, even in circumstances where that person is not seeking protection.

It is important that applicants and respondents engage legal representation for effective negotiation and to achieve the best possible outcome.