Criminal Law Case Studies

Real cases. Real results.

We have published over 500 criminal law case studies.

All cases were handled by our expert criminal lawyers and range from contested matters, appeals, bail applications, and pleas of guilty for both indictable and summary offences. They were heard in different County Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, and Children’s Courts throughout the state of Victoria, including the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

All of the criminal law case studies in this site are anonymised. They are provided to give you an idea of the scope of work that we cover, as well as information on some penalties imposed for different criminal cases.

This site has plenty of case studies with interesting results. Our lawyers have defended cases wherein the Police and Prosecution were ordered by the Court to pay for all the legal costs incurred by our clients for their legal defence. Such as the case for this Dismissed Charge of Rape and Acquittal for Multiple Assault Charges.

Many cases especially highlight the court’s recognition of the need for a defendant’s rehabilitation despite the gravity and recurrence of committed offences. A young client was given a CCO without conviction for trafficking drugs and weapons charges. A woman who faces court for further offending and multiple breaching offences was ultimately deemed better by a Magistrate to continue engaging in CCO instead of a longer prison term.

It must be noted that our criminal law case studies are, naturally, generally where a lawyer has obtained a good result for a client. They should however not be used by you to think that if you are charged with the same offence, you will get the same penalty.