Bomb Hoaxes

Bomb Hoaxes is in section 317A of the Crimes Act 1958 in Victoria. It is committed by a person who made a false statement about the presence of a bomb with the intention of inducing other people to believe that a bomb is due to explode. The charge is also filed against a person who placed or sent an article or substance in any place, by any means, with the same intention. If you have been charged, speak with specialist Bomb Hoax lawyers.

Police Interview

Call us straight away if you have been arrested for making Bomb Hoaxes, or if you know that police want to interview you about this offence. It is often really important to the success of your case that you call us first. Your lawyer will provide you with clear and knowledgeable legal advice about the interview process and when you should consent to forensic procedures. Specialist Bomb Hoax lawyers will advise you of the risks of making a comment during your police interview.

Police officers are trained to ask questions in a way to make admissions or inconsistencies in your version, which may be played in Court later on. You will have important questions for us about the interview, such as:

  • Do I need to go to the interview?
  • Will I be remanded?
  • Should I answer the questions?

Our lawyers can answer these important questions.

Pleading Not Guilty

The police brief for charges such as making Bomb Hoaxes may contain complex forensic material. It is important to seek advice from an experienced criminal lawyer when charged with any offence, and this is particularly so in relation to this type of offence. Your criminal lawyer will assess the evidence in the police brief, request any outstanding material, engage independent experts to analyse forensic material, and of course assist you to defend the charge.

Pleading Guilty

Our expert Bomb Hoax lawyers are trained Court advocates. We will allocate your matter to an appropriately experienced lawyer who will advise you of the risks of pleading guilty and represent you on a plea of guilty. Our lawyers will ensure the summary of agreed facts reflects your instructions. Our lawyers will also make submissions in Court to get the best outcome that they can for you.


Sentencing in the Magistrates’ Courts of VictoriaSentencing Statistics Pie Chart for Make a Statement or Convey Information With Intent to Create a Bomb Hoax in the Magistrates' Court Between 2017 and 2021

Examples of Bomb Hoaxes
  • A person who wants to cause panic leaves a tin can on a tram with a hand-written label saying ‘BOMB.’
  • A boy has an upcoming exam that he wants to delay. On the day of the exam, he calls and says a bomb has been planted at the school.
  • There was no intention to make the other person think a bomb had been planted.
  • Somebody else made the threat.

We had a client who did not want to sit an exam and so he contacted the school and said there was a bomb. He was otherwise a good young man and our specialist Bomb Hoax lawyers successfully secured a without conviction sentence for him.

Questions in cases like this
  • Was there a misunderstanding about a joke or lack of serious intention?
  • Was there a case of mistaken identity?
Maximum penalty and Court that deals with Bomb Hoaxes

The maximum penalty for Bomb Hoaxes (s317A of the Crimes Act 1958) is 5 years, or a fine of 600 penalty units ($93, 276), or both.

Bomb Hoaxes is generally heard in the Magistrates’ Court.

What can you be sentenced to for this charge?

As people are more worried about bombs, the penalties for this offence has increased. The Courts take it far more seriously than they would have 10 years ago.


The section that covers this offence is section 317A of the Crimes Act 1958.

What is the legal definition of Bomb Hoaxes?

Legally defined, Bomb Hoaxes means placing a device somewhere, or making a statement of some form, with the intention of making another person believe that an active bomb has been planted.

“Was it you who made the call?”
What can you be sentenced to for this charge?

As people get more worried about bombs the penalties for this offence increase. The Courts take it far more seriously than they would have 10 years ago.

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