Specialist Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you have been charged with a crime, you need to contact a criminal lawyer as quickly as possible.

Allegations against you can have severe consequences especially if you are found guilty by a Court. Criminal defence lawyers are especially necessary before you give statements to the Police. Otherwise, any comment you make may be used against you during the court proceedings – regardless of whether you were simply telling the truth or you accidentally made a wrong statement due to pressure or confusion.

Criminal defence lawyers will guide you throughout the entire court process, making sure that you understand the legal issues surrounding the charge and communicating options to achieve the best possible results in court.

Doogue + George is one of Australia’s leading law firms of criminal law specialists. We are dedicated to providing expert criminal defence for charges related to assault, driving, robbery, fraud, sexual, and other criminal offences.

Every accused has the right to a fair trial, and to an excellent criminal defence. Our clients’ rights as defendants is our number 1 priority.

How to find the best criminal lawyers

You should begin by looking at the charge that has been filed against you look for lawyers that specialise in that criminal offence.

Does it fall under corporate crime, or something related to traffic law, or is it a sexual charge? Find a lawyer whose expertise is in the criminal charge you are facing in court.

If you want someone acknowledged by the legal community as highly competent in criminal defence, look for accredited criminal defence lawyers. They are the best in the field and had to pass strict requirements, and continuously maintain high standards, in order to qualify and to remain accredited.

Experience is another crucial consideration. A lawyer who regularly handles cases in court will have more knowledge on how to effectively present a case before a judge and a jury. The best lawyering skills can only be learned through frequent appearances in court to represent an accused.

Do research so you can find the best criminal defence lawyers who can deliver good outcomes. Check out the AustLII database and search their names to find cases handled. Ask for referrals. Check out their profiles and review client testimonials. When dealing with a criminal charge, your life is at stake and you should only entrust your case to the best.

Facing a criminal charge in court?

Call the criminal defence law experts.​​

  • We are ACCREDITED criminal defence lawyers by the Law Institute of Victoria
  • We have defended OVER 15,000 separate criminal prosecutions
  • We are founding members of the Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance
  • Our lawyers are experts in criminal law, traffic law, and corporate crime
  • Conveniently located offices in Melbourne, Broadmeadows, Heidelberg, Moorabbin, and Sunshine.