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If you have you been charged with driving charges or traffic offences we can help you. We have expert driving charges lawyers who will be able to answer your questions. If you have been charged with dangerous driving, driving disqualified, driving suspended, driving without a licence or other traffic offences you may well be facing loss of licence or other criminal penalties. Contact us today to get your questions answered.

Even something as seemingly minor as a driving conviction can have a negative future impact on your employment or travel. Doogue + George are experienced in defending every type of traffic charge and helping our clients.

This section of the website contains an extensive number of articles about serious driving offences and retaining your licence. 

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Doogue + George's latest traffic case results

Sentence Appeal for Burglary and Theft

This is a case study on a successful sentence appeal for Burglary and Theft charges. Our client had been charged with a number of offences including Burglary and Theft. He had pleaded guilty at an early stage and, despite being relatively young, had also spent some time in custody. He …
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DUI and Exceed PCA – Fine, No Conviction

This is a case study on charges of DUI and Exceed PCA resulting in a fine with no conviction. Our client was charged with Drive Under the Influence of Alcohol (s. 49(1)(a)) and Exceed Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (s. 49(1)(b)). She was 61 years old and, at the time of …
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Exceed PCA With BAC of Over 0.15%

This is a case study involving a charge of Exceed PCA with a BAC of over 0.15% Our client was charged with Exceed PCA (blood alcohol concentration or BAC at 0.221%) and Careless Driving. It was her second offence, although the first offence was over 15 years old. The allegations …
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Theft, Handle Stolen Goods, Use Unregistered Plates

Our client was alleged to have stolen a set of number plates from a parked vehicle and fitted them to her own unregistered vehicle. This was in order for her to try and avoid being charged with Driving an Unregistered Vehicle. As a result, she was charged with Theft, Handle …
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Withdrawing a Charge of Driving Without Headlights

This is a case study on withdrawing a charge of Driving Without Headlights. Our client was a taxi driver who had previously elected to take the 1 x point option on his licence after accruing a number of demerit points over time. On the night of the alleged offence, the …
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Drive Whilst Disqualified – Fine, No Licence Disqualification

This is a case study on a charge of Drive Whilst Disqualified resulting in a fine with no licence disqualification. Our client was charged with two counts of Driving Whilst Disqualified against section 30 of the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic). The offences were committed less than two months apart …
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