Driving Charges and Traffic Offences

Have you been charged with driving offences?
We can help you.

If you have been charged with driving offences, we are criminal lawyers who can help you.

Our lawyers understand how important your driving licence is to your life and your work. We will discuss your likely penalty and be very clear about what sentence you might get.

We give practical advice and recommend actions to undertake before Court. This could be you doing a Road Trauma Course prior to appearing in court. This action would allow us to show show that you have thought about what you have done.

If you are pleading not guilty we might use an expert to prove that you were not driving in the way that the Police allege.

If you are facing driving charges you may be seeking information about how to fight them and have questions such as;

  • Can I keep my licence?
    We help you understand the laws about driving charges. How do you minimise the impact to your life and livelihood.
  • If I lose my licence how long will it be taken for?
    Some driving offences have mandatory minimum penalties. An experienced defence lawyer will ensure your penalty is kept to the minimum, without any further time off the road.

Latest driving case studies

This is a case study on reducing Dangerous Driving Causing Serious Injury to Careless Driving. In mid October 2016, a collision occurred between a public bus and our client’s tip truck. The prosecution alleged that the collision occurred as a result of our client entering an intersection against a red …
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This is a case study on pleading guilty to Dangerous Driving. Our client was aged 61 at the time of the alleged offending and had no relevant prior court history. The incident occurred during the client’s employment as a bus driver wherein it was alleged that he deliberately manoeuvred the …
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This is a case study on Exceed Speed Limit at 50/h above the limit. Our client had been charged with driving 148km/h in a 100-zone. If you get caught going this quickly, you’re looking at a mandatory minimum license suspension of 12 months. Unfortunately the law in this area is …
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