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Our Melbourne CBD Criminal Lawyers team is ready to help and based at:

Our firm has 27 criminal lawyers and criminal law solicitors who specialise in criminal law. We can provide you immediate help and Court representation in whatever problems you are facing.

If you need help, the Doogue + George Melbourne Criminal Lawyers main office is located at 5/221 Queen Street. This office is less than 100 metres from all of the main Melbourne Courts. This includes the Melbourne County Court, the Court of Appeal and Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Melbourne Magistrates’ Court is where filing hearings happen for sexual offences. This is where most serious criminal charges start in Victoria as filing hearings.

Our criminal lawyers have run 100s of jury trials both as solicitors and as barristers.

We can use our experience in running criminal appeals in the County Court and Court of Appeals to help you with your case.

Do you need initial free legal advice or help with criminal charges? Phone (03) 9670 5111 now to talk to one of our Melbourne CBD Criminal Lawyers.

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