Drug Charges

Have you been charged with a drug-related criminal charge?

Here you will find extensive information about drugs charges and drugs cases including the law in Victoria, penalties and cases we have defended.

Drugs charges range from possession of a drug of dependencetrafficking drugs, trafficking a commercial quantity of drugscultivation of a drug of dependencecultivation of a commercial quantity of drugs or using a drug of dependence. The law on drug charges vary depending on many factors that include quantities and intention of use. 

Some issues in drugs cases are;

  • What amount of drugs was there in reality?
  • Was drug use a major part of the reason for the offending?
  • What is being done to show that you are turning your life around?

Doogue + George have appeared in some of the largest drug cases to appear before the Courts in Victoria. We also appear often for clients who have been charged with personal use of drugs, achieving great results and often helping them to turn their lives around.

The following table outlines specific quantities for drugs as follows:

Relevant quantities for a commercial quantity of drugs by type

If you have been charged with a drug related offence and need advice or legal representation, call  (03) 9670 5111 or Request a Callback from one of our experienced drug offence lawyers.

Doogue + George's latest drug offence case results

Deferring a Sentence for a Youth Charged With Numerous Offences

This is a case study on deferring a sentence for a youth charged with numerous offences. Our client was a young man who was heading down the wrong path. He had made a new group of friends. He was gambling, using party drugs, and helping one of his friends sell …
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Adjourned Undertaking for Obtaining Property By Deception

This is a case study on a sentence of adjourned undertaking for Obtaining Property By Deception and Possess Drug of Dependence. Our client was initially charged with a range of dishonesty and deception offences totalling close to $26,000.00 in overall value. The allegations were that the client and his co-accused …
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Community Corrections Order for Trafficking Drugs of Dependence

This is a case study on a sentence of Community Corrections Order for Trafficking Drugs of Dependence. Our client had a number of charges for Trafficking in Drugs of Dependence. The police had executed a search warrant at her house where there were various drugs found including cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, …
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Bail Application – Cultivation in a Commercial Quantity of Cannabis

This is case study on a bail application for Cultivation in a Commercial Quantity of Cannabis. Our client was charged with Cultivation in a Commercial Quantity of a Narcotic Plant, namely cannabis. He came before the court in his mid 50’s for the first time and the police made an …
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Drug Possession and Trafficking Charges – Deferral of Sentence

This is a case study on drug possession and trafficking charges resulting in a deferral of sentence. Our client was found unconscious inside his car in a suburban street. Local residents saw him slumped over in the car and called the police. The police could not wake him by banging …
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Trafficking Cannabis and Weapons Possession Charges – CCO

Our client was charged with trafficking cannabis as well as weapons possession charges after a search was executed by the police on the client’s home. The client engaged our firm to act on their behalf and Sam Cooper took carriage of the matter. Sam met with the client and, as …
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