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You Deserve The Best Defence.

Doogue + George are Australia’s largest defence law firm.

Specialist Defence Lawyers

We are lawyers who represent people and organisations who want the best defence and the best result possible.

Among the 15 lawyers at our firm, six are Law Institute Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers. 

These lawyers have at least 5 years experience in criminal law (some have decades) and have undergone specialist exams. All of us have been involved collectively in hundreds of jury trials and many thousands of other cases.

What Can We Do For You?

We take pride in representing and defending people accused of wrongdoing.

Our lawyers act for you whether you are pleading not guilty or pleading guilty.

Our experience in appearing regularly at Royal Commissions, Inquests and many White Collar criminal cases will be used to your advantage. Our solicitors have appeared in many large cases involving insider trading, large fraud allegations, ASIC charges and are currently involved in cases alleging large money laundering and charges of Bribery of Foreign Officials.

By choosing Doogue + George as your lawyers you will:

  • Have confidence that you will get the best result when accused of wrongdoing
  • Protect your reputation as you navigate complex criminal and regulatory problems
  • Access the best legal resources to avoid the danger of an unjust sentence or a wrongful conviction

Get Quick Legal Advice

Fast Response To Your Questions

We will book you in for an appointment right away, take instructions and begin working on your strategy. This should be done as soon as possible regardless of whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty.

There is always a lot for you to learn about the court process and how it occurs. The more we know about you and your case the more we can assist you to get the best result.

It is also very important for you to be able to ask questions about the issues that are confronting you now. Often some of the stress and anxiety of a situation can be dealt with by answering questions or referring you on to services (such as psychologists) that might help deal with the stress that is being faced.

Stopping Charges From Being Filed

It is sometime possible to stop criminal charges from being filed and we have been involved in this process in a number of cases. Depending on the allegations and the circumstances we may approach the Police and present part, or all, of our client’s case.We provide the Police with statements we have taken from witnesses and other evidence that we have gathered. We also tell them matters we believe should be investigated more (such as where there is an important witness they have missed or are choosing not to get a statement from). In some matters like sex charges there is often a complex process of authorisation of the charges and it is good to have input at that stage. We will contact the investigators and discuss the case with them and provide them the other narrative to the matter that they may be missing. Having the other side of a story explained to the Prosecutor or Police can make a difference in whether they proceed.The decision to provide material should not be taken lightly. Often because it is an adversarial system it is better not to tell the Police everything because they will then try to undermine the client’s case or the witnesses that they are relying on.

Defence Investigation

We do not just sit and wait for the paperwork to arrive from the Police once you have been interviewed. There is a lot that can, and should, be done.

The most important time in a case can be prior to being charged or around the time of the interview. We often get private investigators involved in cases and look for what has been missed which would help our client.
We specialise in criminal law cases and defence work which covers areas from traffic offences, drink driving, sexual offences, drugs law, assault and violence offences, and other criminal charges.

Defence Strategy

The most important issue in defending a case is the issue of what strategy is planned for the case. The essence of defence work is working out, at an early stage, what you are going to do and why you are planning to do it.

Our lawyers once they are instructed will be able to tell you what their strategy for the Court case is and why that is the right way to handle their case. We have an enormous amount of experience in criminal cases spanning decades and many thousands of defended prosecutions.

With experience comes knowledge about how to get the best result for you.

Contact with Your Lawyer

Cases are won through hard work; it is important that lawyers are accountable to clients. We will take your calls and if we aren’t in the office we contact you when we have the first opportunity to do so.It is important you feel comfortable discussing all the case issues with your lawyer.

Conversations with clients are legally privileged, meaning we do not discuss or disclose our conversations with anyone else. You should feel comfortable and confident that we have done everything that needed to be done to win your case.

Bail Applications

If someone is in custody, we can arrange for a criminal lawyer to do a “bail application”. Usually made in the Magistrates Court, bail applications can also be made in the Supreme Court depending on issues that may include a previous unsuccessful bail application.

We have videolink facility to almost every major prison. This enables us to speak face to face with clients in custody quickly and efficiently. Also, we believe it is good for a client to see their lawyer while discussing their case.

Melbourne Drink Driving and Traffic Lawyers

Our Drink driving lawyers have handled a large number of drink driving cases where clients are charged with exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol or driving under the influence.

We have appeared in many culpable driving cases including successfully defending truck drivers in both the Kerang and Trawalla cases where trains have crashed into trucks at crossings. We use crash reconstruction experts and other experts to present your position better to the Court.​

We handle all driving charges including:

  • Culpable driving
  • Drive While Impaired By Drugs (section 49 of the Road Safety Act)
  • Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor or of Any Drug (DUI) (section 49(1)(a) of the Road Safety Act)
  • Driving While Exceeding the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (Section 49.1.b) (section 49(1)(b) of the Road Safety Act)
  • Refuse Breath Test (section 49(1)(c) of the Road Safety Act)
  • Refuse Drug Test (Drug Driving) (49(1)(ca) of the Road Safety Act)
Melbourne Sex Crimes

Our solicitors have successfully defended many alleged sex offences. Obviously gaol is often the only option for the Court if a person is found guilty of a sex offence. We know there are many people who are wrongly charged with sex offences and need strong representation on their behalf.

Sex offences are incredibly confronting for clients. For the innocent person who has had a false allegation made against them they are facing many years in prison and lengthy periods of time (or life) on the Sex Offender Registry.

Some of the main sex offences we in defend are:

  • Assault with Intent to Rape (section 40 of the Crimes Act)
  • Furnish False or misleading information (Sex Offender Registry) (s47 of the Sex Offenders Registration Act)
  • Incest (section 44 of the Crimes Act)
  • Indecent act with a child under the age of 16 (section 47 of the Crimes Act)
  • Indecent assault (section 39 of the Crimes Act)
  • Possession of child pornography (section 70 of the Crimes Act)
  • Production of child pornography (section 68 of the Crimes Act)
  • Rape Charge (section 38 of the Crimes Act)
  • Sexual penetration of 16 or 17 year old child (section 48 of the Crimes Act)
  • Sexual penetration of a child under the age of 16 (section 45 of the Crimes Act)

Assault Charges

With new gross violence charges and legislation, the Courts and Judges are imposing much heavier sentences for crimes of violence. The Victorian gross violence legislation involves circumstances hey can impose a minimum mandatory sentence of 4 years in prison, regardless of whether you have been in trouble before.

Often people are innocent of assault charges but end up charged because they won the fight or were simply defending themselves. There are often issues surrounding the truth of what is alleged and where a person is mistakenly identified as being involved.

Melbourne Theft Offences

People can get in trouble because they are struggling to make ends meet. Often, if you are pleading guilty to theft offence, you have an explanation for the situation you are in. It is our job to explain that properly to the Magistrate or Judge.

There are also, often issues about whether you are guilty of an offence due to a factual error or, in fact, you are innocent of any offending.

Your biggest concern may be to try to avoid a conviction, which will affect your future employment. In these situations, our solicitors would try to arrange a diversion or gather the material to support a submission that you should not get a conviction .

There is no expungement of criminal records in Victoria so it is important to deal with issues of conviction and non-conviction with a full understanding of the Court process.

Melbourne Drug Solicitors

Generally you are using drugs if you have been charged with drug offences. One of our main aims, if you are pleading guilty, is to try to find suitable rehabilitation or counselling for you prior to appearing at Court. It is important to show the Court that you are making an effort to get your life back on track.

It is also often a very important issue to try to avoid conviction for minor possession charges as it can effect your future employment and your overseas travel.

If you are pleading not guilty drug cases often rely on us analysing large quantities of telephone intercepts to show that the Police case is misunderstanding what that evidence shows.