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Criminal Lawyers Helping You With the Best Defence

Our criminal lawyers help you if you want the best defence and the best result possible. We have 18 criminal defence lawyers at our firm including 8 Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers.

Our criminal lawyers have been involved in hundreds of jury trials and thousands of other Melbourne cases. These cases range from small to big but they are all important to our clients.

We take pride in representing and defending you. Our criminal lawyers act for you whether you are pleading not guilty or pleading guilty. Our experience in appearing regularly on appeals in the Court of Appeal, at Royal Commissions, and in many White Collar and Melbourne Magistrates Courts criminal cases will be used to your advantage. Our criminal law solicitors have appeared in many large cases involving insider trading, large fraud allegations, ASIC charges and charges of Bribery of Foreign Officials.

By choosing Doogue + George as your criminal lawyers you will:

  • Have confidence that you will get the best result when accused of wrongdoing
  • Protect your reputation as you navigate complex criminal and regulatory problems
  • Access the best legal resources to avoid the danger of an unjust sentence or a wrongful conviction




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