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Assault Lawyers in Melbourne

Doogue + George are Assault Lawyers in Melbourne who have defended a large number of assault cases.

Read some recent case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results

Assault Charges, Damage to Property, and Without Authority Enter Private Place

This is a case study on assault charges, damage to property, and Without Authority Enter Private Place. Our client was a young man in his very early 20’s. He had been out with his friends at a local hotel, was drinking heavily, and became intoxicated. There had been an ongoing ...
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Without Conviction Outcome for Family Violence

This is a case study on a without conviction outcome for family violence. Our client was charged with Criminal Damage, Make Threat to Kill, Recklessly Cause Injury, Assault With a Weapon, and several charges of Unlawful Assault. The complainants were members of his family. The facts were that after a ...
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Drunken Assaults Against Police

This is a case study on drunken assaults against police officers. Our client was charged with drunken assaults committed against security staff and arresting police officers who attended the scene. This was a serious matter involving allegations of resisting and spitting on police officers, and headbutting and assaulting security staff ...
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Dismissing Multiple Assault Charges

This is a case study on dismissing multiple assault charges. The client was charged with numerous assault charges against his ex-partner. It was alleged that the complainant attended our client’s home under the premise of collecting some belongings at the property and when she refused to leave, the police alleged ...
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Robbery and Drug Trafficking – Non-Conviction Fine

This is a case study on charges of Robbery, Drug Trafficking, and other offences resulting in a non-conviction fine. Our client was a relatively young person who was accused of robbing a victim of cash whilst in possession of a weapon. As a result, the client was charged with a ...
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Diversion for Unlawful Assault

This is a case study on a sentence of diversion for Unlawful Assault. The offending in this case occurred in the early hours of the morning in Melbourne CBD. There was a CCTV footage of the incident although it did not capture the start of the altercation. It was alleged ...
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As Assault Lawyers in Melbourne, we have represented a number of clients charged with assault & Family violence offences.

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