Assault Lawyers in Melbourne

Doogue + George are Assault Lawyers in Melbourne who have defended a large number of assault cases.

Read some recent case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results

Community Corrections Order (CCO) for Family Violence

This is a case study on a sentence of Community Corrections Order (CCO) for family violence. Our client was charged following a family violence incident where he had discharged a toy pellet gun in the direction of his partner who was holding their infant child. The client was in a ...
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Assault Charges – Alcohol-Fueled Violence

This is a case study on assault charges arising from alcohol-fueled violence. Our client went out drinking one night with his friends in the city. They all had too much to drink, and got involved in a street fight with another group of young men. Our client didn't remember his ...
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Diversion Application for Aggravated Burglary

This is a case study on a diversion application for Aggravated Burglary as well as Theft charges. Our client was a 16-year old young man with no prior record. He was charged with two separate offences of Aggravated Burglary on commercial premises. He attended the police for interview and made ...
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Sexual Assault of a Police Officer – Fine, Not Placed on Register

This is a case study involving an accused charged with sexual assault of a police officer. Our client, a male in his mid 50s, was charged with sexual assault of a police officer. The circumstances of the offending were that he had been in a car accident and went back ...
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Good Behaviour Bond for Violence Offending

This is a case study on a sentence of good behaviour bond for violence offending. Our client was charged with violence offences relating to hitting and causing injury to his housemate and threatening to kill her. An intervention order was applied for and granted and he was bailed to attend ...
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Withdrawing Threat to Inflict Serious Injury Charges

This is a case study on withdrawing Threat to Inflict Serious Injury charges. Our client was charged with threatening serious injury to his ex-girlfriend. The allegation was that he sent her a message saying that he was going to 'jazz' her - which meant 'stab' according to the prosecution. The ...
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As Assault Lawyers in Melbourne, we have represented a number of clients charged with assault & Family violence offences.

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