Assault Lawyers in Melbourne

Doogue + George are Assault Lawyers in Melbourne who have defended a large number of assault cases.

Read some recent case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results

Assault Charges Whilst on Community Corrections Orders

This is a case study on assault charges whilst on Community Corrections Orders. Our client was alleged to have had repeatedly punched a work mate to the head during an argument, causing him to lose consciousness. The victim was hospitalised and still experiences vision problems flowing from the assault. The ...
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Unlawful Assault Leading to a Family Violence Case Review

This is a case study on charges of Unlawful Assault leading to a Family Violence Case Review. Our client was accused of having assaulted his wife on several different occasions. The offending was alleged to include choking his wife with both hands, pushing her, and intentionally slamming her hand in ...
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Withdrawing Recklessly Cause Injury and Assault Charges

This is a case study on withdrawing Recklessly Cause Injury and assault charges. The police charged our client with Recklessly Cause Injury and Assault following an incident with his sister where it was alleged that he head-butted her and punched her multiple times. Recklessly Cause Injury is a serious offence, ...
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Applying for Bail for Armed Robbery

This is a case study on applying for bail for Armed Robbery. Our client has been charged with Armed Robbery and was represented by Tyson Manicolo (one of our lawyers based at our Broadmeadows office) at a bail application hearing. This application was opposed by the Office of Public Prosecutions ...
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Stalking and Using a Carriage Service to Harass

Our client was charged with Stalking and Using a Carriage Service to Harass. The conduct involved him sending extremely sexually explicit and suggestive messages to his 18-year old niece (by marriage). The messaging was such that she became extremely concerned given the inappropriate and unusual nature of the content. She ...
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Pleading Guilty to a Robbery Charge

This is a case study on pleading guilty to a Robbery charge. Our client had been accused of Robbery, Recklessly Causing Injury, and Possessing an Imitation Firearm. She and her co-accused were accused of organising to purchase two brand new mobile phones from Gumtree with the intention of stealing them ...
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As Assault Lawyers in Melbourne, we have represented a number of clients charged with assault & Family violence offences.

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