Intentionally Cause Injury, Recklessly Cause Injury, and Assault Charges

Whilst driving, the client was cut off. He followed victim and a road rage incident ensued.

What is alleged to have occured?
The client followed the victim to a car park and struck with him his fist causing a bloody nose. It was also alleged that he hit him with a tire lever.

The client was charged with:

What happened at court?
The client was apologetic and had sent a written apology to the victim. He had also undergone numerous sessions at an anger management program. The client was married, with a young family and had no prior criminal history.

It was stipulated in his employment contract that the client would have lost his job if he was convicted of these offences.

Bill Doogue represented our client at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court.

What was the result?
All the charges were withdrawn with the exception of the charge of recklessly causing injury. The client was not convicted and placed on a three-month Community-Based Order with a condition that he undertake 40 hours community work.

Bill DoogueBill Doogue

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