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Drug Offence Case Studies

If you have been charged with a drug offence charge and you are after information about real cases and results, then you have come to the right place.

Doogue + George has defended a number of drug offence cases.

Read some of the case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results.

Withdrawing Burglary Charge and Other Offences

This is a case study on withdrawing a Burglary charge and other offences. Our client was charged with Burglary, Theft, Handle Stolen Goods, Go Equipped to Steal, and Possess Drug of Dependence. It was alleged that he had entered a site in rural Victoria without permission and stole items from ...
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Robbery and Drug Trafficking – Non-Conviction Fine

This is a case study on charges of Robbery, Drug Trafficking, and other offences resulting in a non-conviction fine. Our client was a relatively young person who was accused of robbing a victim of cash whilst in possession of a weapon. As a result, the client was charged with a ...
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Drug Driving and Careless Driving – Adjourned Undertaking Without Conviction

This is a case study on charges of drug driving and Careless Driving, including Possess Drug of Dependence, that resulted in an adjourned undertaking without conviction. Our client was driving and veered out of his lane into oncoming traffic then collided head-on with a truck. The four occupants of the ...
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Reducing Imprisonment Period for Drug Trafficking in a Commercial Quantity

This is a case study on reducing imprisonment period for drug trafficking in a commercial quantity. Our client was charged with a co-accused, with swallowing approximately 240g of ketamine overseas and bringing it into Australia. They were apprehended at Melbourne Airport by the Federal Police and both charged with importing ...
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Diversion for Drug Possession

This is a case study on a sentence of diversion for drug possession. Our client was charged with Possess Drug of Dependence. He was 21 years old and had an unrelated prior for driving suspended. Given his young age, he was very concerned that a criminal record in relation to ...
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Sentence Appeal for Trafficking

This is a case study on a sentence appeal for Trafficking in a Drug of Dependence. Our client was charged with trafficking and weapons offences. These offences occurred on a single day and the client received a custodial sentence in the Magistrates' Court. Hester Kelly represented the client at the ...
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We have represented a number of clients charged with drug offences.

To view more of our drug offence case studies, click here.

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