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Public Order Offence Case Studies

If you have been charged with a pubic order charge and you are after information about real cases and results, then you have come to the right place.

Doogue + George has defended a number of public order cases.

Read some recent case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results

Assault Charges, Damage to Property, and Without Authority Enter Private Place

This is a case study on assault charges, damage to property, and Without Authority Enter Private Place. Our client was a young man in his very early 20’s. He had been out with his friends at a local hotel, was drinking heavily, and became intoxicated. There had been an ongoing ...
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Withdrawing Charges of Fail to Comply With Building Order

This is a case study on withdrawing charges of Fail to Comply With Building Order. Our clients were the directors of a real estate investment company. They were charged with several serious offences under the Bulding Act 1993 (Vic). The daughter of the client operated a separate business on two ...
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Drunken Assaults Against Police

This is a case study on drunken assaults against police officers. Our client was charged with drunken assaults committed against security staff and arresting police officers who attended the scene. This was a serious matter involving allegations of resisting and spitting on police officers, and headbutting and assaulting security staff ...
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Withdrawal of Resist Police Charges

This is a case that involves a withdrawal of Resist Police charges and a probation order without conviction for the remaining offences. Our client was a young person who was originally charged with a raft of offences, the most serious of which were two counts of Resist Police which were ...
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Affray Resulting in a Fine

This is a case of Affray resulting in a fine. Our client was involved in a large affray after a night out with friends. He was charged with a number of offences including injury offences and possession of weapons. Hester Kelly represented him at the Werribee Magistrates' Court. The charges ...
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Marking and Possessing Graffiti – Withdrawn

Our client was charged with the following offences under the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007:
  • Marking graffiti visible from a public place; and
  • Possessing a graffiti implement with the intent to mark graffiti.
The mark graffiti charges related to considerable graffiti on the barriers and walls of a major ...
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For a complete list of all our public offence case studies, click here.

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