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Firearms Offence Case Studies

If you have been charged with a firearms offence charge and you are after information about real criminal law cases and results, then you have come to the right place.

Doogue + George has defended a number of firearms offence cases.

Read some of the case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results.

Robbery and Drug Trafficking – Non-Conviction Fine

This is a case study on charges of Robbery, Drug Trafficking, and other offences resulting in a non-conviction fine. Our client was a relatively young person who was accused of robbing a victim of cash whilst in possession of a weapon. As a result, the client was charged with a ...
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Sentence Appeal – Robbery, Trafficking, Firearms Offences

This is a case study on a sentence appeal for Robbery, Trafficking, and firearms offences. Our client was appealing a custodial sentence from the Magistrates' Court. He had a very limited criminal record and had never served a custodial sentence before. The original offending involved property and drug offences. Hester ...
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Notice of Proposal to Cancel Firearms Licence

This is a case study on a notice of proposal to cancel firearms licence. Our client's firearms licence was suspended following an incident where he wrote a text message to his ex-wife implying that he was going to use his firearm to kill himself. His ex-wife became worried and called ...
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Drug Charges, Weapons Offences, and Traffic Violations

This is a case that involves multiple drug charges, weapons offences, and traffic offences. Our client was found beside the road following a road accident where he was thrown from his motor bike and hit a tree. He was found in possession of over 100 grams of ice and over ...
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Guilty Plea for Theft and Other Charges – CCO

Our client pleaded guilty to a number of charges across three briefs including robbery, dangerous driving, theft, and obtaining property by deception. We represented the client at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court for the following charges: We sought a sentencing indication ...
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Threats to Kill and Firearm Charges – Good Behaviour Bond

Our client's wife is the complainant in the case. She alleged that our client became drunk and made threats to kill her and her daughter and fired shots from an unregistered firearm. She further alleged that he had previously made a number of threats to kill her and her daughter ...
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We have represented a number of clients charged with firearms offences.

To view more of our firearms offence case studies, click here.

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