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Drink Driving & Traffic Law Case Studies

If you are faced with drink driving offences or traffic charges, and are looking for advice about the law and real results of real cases, you are in the right place.

We have an extensive number of case studies for drink driving and traffic law cases and our lawyers have a wealth of experience in all charges.

These case studies have been anonymized. We have changed ages and places of offence so as to make sure that people can not identify a client of ours from these case studies.

They are provided to give you an idea of the scope of work that we cover and also to have some idea of penalties in cases.

The case studies are, naturally, weighted towards where a lawyer has got a good result for a client. Our solicitors generally post them because they think it is an interesting or great result. They should not be used to reason that if you are charged with the same offence you will get the same penalty.

Below are some of our recent drink driving and traffic offence case studies

Driving Whilst Suspended and Driving Unregistered Motor Vehicle

Our young client was charged with Driving Whilst Suspended and Driving an Unregistered Motor Vehicle. She had no criminal or traffic priors. She was a busy student who was working in shift work whilst studying. The client's demerit points had accumulated and she believed that she had not received or ...
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Adjourned Undertaking Without Conviction for Drive Whilst Suspended

This is a case study on a sentence of adjourned undertaking without conviction for Drive Whilst Suspended. Driving home from seeing his girlfriend late one night, our client became confused in an area undergoing roadworks. It was dark and the weather was poor. The normal road markings had been painted ...
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Drive Disqualified With Drink Driving Priors

This is a case study on Drive Disqualified with drink driving priors. After driving home from work, our client went through a random breath-testing station on a main road in the outer norther-suburbs. He passed the breath test but unfortunately was disqualified from driving. He had previously lost his license ...
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Exceed PCA, Exceed Speed Limit

This is a case study on Exceed PCA and Exceed Speed Limit offences. Our client was charged with mid-range drink driving (.085) and travelling 150 km/h in a 80 km/h zone. These offences have mandatory license suspensions which cannot be avoided, although magistrates do have the discretion to increase them ...
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Pleading Guilty to Refuse to Provide Further Sample

This is a case study on pleading guilty to Refuse to Provide Further Sample Our client was a young person who was involved in his first drink driving offences. He was pulled over by the police and was asked to participate in a random breath test (RBT). He complied with ...
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Driving Whilst Disqualified With Aggravating Feature

This is a case study on Driving Whilst Disqualified with an aggravating feature. Our client was pulled over by the police and checks revealed that he was the holder of a suspended driver's licence. It had been suspended by a court some weeks prior. Upon being pulled over, he admitted ...
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