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Drink Driving & Traffic Law Case Studies

If you are faced with drink driving offences or traffic charges, and are looking for advice about the law and real results of real cases, you are in the right place.

We have an extensive number of case studies for drink driving and traffic law cases and our lawyers have a wealth of experience in all charges.

These case studies have been anonymized. We have changed ages and places of offence so as to make sure that people can not identify a client of ours from these case studies.

They are provided to give you an idea of the scope of work that we cover and also to have some idea of penalties in cases.

The case studies are, naturally, weighted towards where a lawyer has got a good result for a client. Our solicitors generally post them because they think it is an interesting or great result. They should not be used to reason that if you are charged with the same offence you will get the same penalty.

Below are some of our recent drink driving and traffic offence case studies

Reverse When Unsafe – Fine Without Conviction

This is a case study on a charge of Reverse When Unsafe resulting in a fine without conviction. Our client was on his way home from work when he stopped off at the shops. It was quite late, and it was dark. As he was driving out of the car ...
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Minimum Disqualification Periods for Drink Driving and Dangerous Driving Offences

This is a case study on an imposition of minimum disqualification periods for drink driving and dangerous driving offences. Our client was charged with several serious motor vehicle offences, namely: Fail to Stop When Signalled By Police to Do So, Drive at a Speed Dangerous, Exceed PCA (Drink Driving), Fail ...
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Without Conviction for Assault and Exceed PCA

This is a case that resulted in a fine without a conviction for Assault and Exceed PCA charges. Our client was a professional soldier in the Australian Army and was charged with 3 offences: Unlawful Assault, Unlawful Assault By Kicking, and Exceed PCA (drinking driving). These offences arose out of ...
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Driving Under Influence – Fine, No Conviction

Our client was charged with driving whilst impaired by a drug. He was intercepted by police after driving across the road into oncoming traffic. The circumstances of the offending put him at significant risk of receiving an inflated fine and significantly longer disqualification period than the mandatory minimum of 12 ...
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Assault and Driving Offences - Adjourned Undertaking

Assault and Driving Offences – Adjourned Undertaking

The alleged offences arose out of ongoing hostilities between our client and the partner of his former wife. The most serious allegation levelled against our client was that he had driven his motor vehicle in an attempt to chase the complainant and had deliberately pulled up along the side of ...
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Careless Driving – Fine, No Licence Suspension

Our client had got into his car after work. He reversed his car, and at that moment was blinded by bright sunlight. He proceeded to reverse, and while doing so accidentally drove into another parked car where a person was trying to enter her vehicle. She was pinned between her ...
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