Choosing a Lawyer for a criminal case

Choosing a lawyer in Victoria

Choosing a lawyer to represent you is the most important decision you will make if you have been charged. Use a firm of barristers and solicitors that specialise in defending criminal charges and are experienced criminal lawyers who have appeared in all Victorian Courts.

  • You want an expert lawyer.
    The Law Institute of Victoria accredits experienced criminal lawyers. We have the most specialists of any Melbourne criminal law firm. To become an accredited specialist, we passed exams (both written and practical). The lawyer you choose needs to understand your legal problems.
  • Ask for referrals.
    When choosing a lawyer you should consider actual experience of relatives and friends who have already had dealings with a criminal defence lawyer. Ask us about the result of cases we have handled previously.
  • Go to the AustLII database.
    Check to see if a firm of criminal defence lawyers has appeared in many reported cases.
  • Still need more resources?
    The web is a great place to do your research especially when filtering information depending on specialisations, geographical locations, etc. Of course, not everything you will find on the web is a good choice. You need to filter the many criminal lawyers you will find on legal directories, law firm listings, etc. based on their qualifications. Check out their websites, profiles, and finally contact them for an initial appointment.

Doogue + George Criminal Defence Lawyers

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When choosing criminal lawyers remember Doogue + George is the only firm in Victoria with 9 Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Criminal Law Specialists.

What other way is there of choosing a lawyer?

It is our aim to provide you with specialist advice and clear, honest communication at all times. We ensure that we will:
  • Promptly return your calls
  • Clearly review your case with you
  • Explain the Court process to you
  • Answer any questions you might have
  • Discuss your options
  • Plan your defence
  • Help you get the best possible outcome
Choosing a lawyer is often a real leap of faith.

You should not choose us simply because we have an informative website and we say we are expert lawyers. Check us out first. Talk to us and research our experience in criminal law. Search on the Law Case website AustLII, which lists reported Court cases. Look at real examples of how often our criminal law firm appears in the higher Courts. Because we have a busy jury practice we are appearing regularly in the appeal Courts. As experienced Melbourne criminal lawyer we have a long history of defending various cases in the Melbourne Court of Appeal.

Below are two search links. Enter “Doogue” into the search terms to see some cases we have been involved in.

Do the same with the other lawyers that you are looking at. If a firm has not appeared much in the Higher Courts, they may still be good criminal defence lawyers. It just means you need to ask them different questions before you engage them.