Bail Offences

Have you been charged with a bail-related criminal charge?

Here you will find information about bail offences. You may wish to take a look through the Interactive Court Tour which explains the bail process in great detail. Bail charges are fairly small in number. The bail charge most people get charged with is failing to answer bail. The main issues in fail to answer bail cases are:
  • Why didn’t you turn up? Often there is a reasonable explanation for your failure to answer bail. It is common to get the date wrong. Sometimes you actually have answered your bail and the Court has made a mistake.
  • What have you done since? It is very important to get in contact with the Police as soon as you have realised your mistake regarding the date. This will show that you have attempted to correct the situation. Putting the issue off is not a good option and it will make it harder to get bail when they catch up with you.

Our lawyers deal with these issues on a daily basis. We understand the law and how it applies to defending bail charges. Contact our lawyers to help you fight these charges or get you back on the right track.

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Bail Charges

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