Bail Offences

Have you been charged with bail offences?
We can help you.

We are criminal lawyers who can help you if you have been charged with bail offences,. 

Find out information about defending bail charges and penalties if you are pleading guilty to fail to answer bail or other bail offences. Each article explains the law, how we can defend charges and also about possible penalties if you are wanting to plead guilty. 

It is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Our lawyers can help you present your side of the story. Some common issues are; 

  • Why didn’t you turn up? 
    Often there is a reasonable explanation for your failure to answer bail. You might have got the date wrong or the Court has made a mistake. 
  • What have you done since? 
    It is very important to get in contact with the Police as soon as possible after missing bail date. This will show that you have attempted to correct the situation. 

If you are looking for further information on the bail process, please go to our bail pages.

Latest bail case studies

Bail Application for Traffic and Drug Charges

This is a case study on a bail application for traffic and drug charges. What is alleged to have occured? The police charged our client with Driving Disqualified and several other drug offences. The allegations were that our client was trafficking 12 kilograms of cannabis and was in possession of …
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Bail Application – Multiple Counts of Theft

This is a case study on a bail application for multiple counts of Theft as well as a charge of Handle Stolen Goods. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was charged with numerous counts of Theft whilst on a Community Corrections Order for the same type of offence …
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Bail Application – Arson Whilst on CCO for Similar Offences

This is a case study on a bail application for Arson whilst on CCO for similar offences. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was on a Community Correction Order for Arson charges when it was alleged that he had committed further offences. The new offending resulted in further …
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