Computer Offences

Have you been charged with computer offences?
We can help you.

If you have been charged with computer offences, we are criminal lawyers who can help you.

Doogue + George have a lot of experience acting for people charged with computer related crimes or cybercrime, ranging from hacking government websites to other, more standard, tampering with data. A number of our lawyers are experienced in designing databases and  scripting programs. We understand computer crimes and this helps us to defend cases related to cybercrime and the use of computers relating to criminal offences.

Common issues that arise in these cases;

  • Can the prosecution prove it was really you?
  • What is the link and is it as straight forward as they think?
  • What are the penalties, in a practical sense, if you are pleading guilty?

Latest Computer Case Studies

Computer Offences, Unauthorised Access to or Modification of Data – Fine

The client faced 22 charges of unauthorised access to or modification of data. He had left his former employer months earlier and was upset about the way that he had been treated there. What is alleged to have occured? Using old passwords, he had hacked into their system and shut …