Steroids Manufacturing / Production

In Victoria, the manufacture or production of Steroids can result in being charged with ‘Possession of Precursor Chemicals’ under s 71D of the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (the Act) or ‘Possession of Tablet Press’ under s 71C of the Act.

Both charges have a maximum penalty of a $95,142 fine or 5 years imprisonment or both.

Possession of Precursor Chemicals

For more information on the charge of ‘Possession of Precursor Chemicals’, refer to:

Possession of Precursor Chemicals

Possession of Tablet Press

For more information on the charge of ‘Possession of a Tablet Press’, refer to:

Possession of a Tablet Press

If you have been charged with a Steroids Manufacturing or Steroids Production charge, contact Doogue + George Criminal Defence Lawyers on 03 9670 5111.