Handle Stolen Goods and Deal With Property Suspected of Being Proceeds of Crime

This is a case study on charges of Handle Stolen Goods and Deal With Property Suspected of Being Proceeds of Crime.

What is alleged to have occured?
Our client was at home with his family when the police executed a search warrant at his home. During the search, the client was seen by the police attempting to conceal two pieces of jewellery in his pockets. A significant amount of personal property was seized from the client’s home – including clothes, food, and cosmetics. He was charged with numerous counts of Handle Stolen Goods and Deal with Property (Proceeds of Crime).

What happened at court?
The case was heard at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court and Kate Da Costa acted on the client’s behalf.

Kate undertook discussions with the police in relation to the charges, and in relation to the basis on which much of the client’s property had been seized. While the police were able to demonstrate that one of the items of jewellery concealed by the client was in fact stolen, they were persuaded that the bulk of the items seized were legitimately owned.

What was the result?
Ultimately, only one charge of Handle Stolen Goods in relation to the two items of jewellery proceeded against the client, and the police recommended the client for a diversion program.

The court approved the diversion and our client was able to avoid a criminal record. Importantly for the client, all property seized (save for the two items of jewellery) were returned by the police.

This was an excellent case of Handle Stolen Goods and Deal With Property Suspected of Being Proceeds of Crime as it led to a sentence that allowed the client toi contin ue with his life without a criminal record.

Elements of Dealing With Property Suspected of Being Proceeds of Crime:
  • The accused dealt with property.
  • The property was suspected of being proceeds of crime.
  • The suspicion was on reasonable grounds.
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