Licence Restorations and Interlock Removal

We appear at Court for clients who have want a licence restoration after losing their licence for drink driving. Unfortunately we also appear for people who are charged with breaching conditions of interlock or driving without interlock on their vehicle.

We also appear for people who are applying to get their interlock removed.

  • Getting your licence back is not automatic. You will generally be directly asked questions by the Prosecutor and the Magistrate.
  • If you get the answers wrong you may well have your matter adjourned for months or have your application refused.
  • The Court is often harder on drivers who have been to Court on a number of occasions. That would leave you still without a driver’s licence or still with an interlock on your car.
  • Whether you get your licence back depends in part on whether you have breached interlock conditions or been caught driving without interlock.

The following pages explain what you need to do to apply to get your licence back.

If you want us to represent you at a licence restoration or an interlock removal hearing then book an appointment with one of our solicitors.

  • We take you through the types of questions you will be asked.
  • We will explain what documents and possibly witnesses we need for it all to go smoothly.
  • Get your full licence back without any more dramas.

There is a cost in having us appear for you – but it comes with the knowledge that everything will be prepared properly and presented properly. It will certainly make the process easier for you.

Click on the link below to read about the process of licence restoration and interlock removal.