Interlock Device

How do I apply to remove the Interlock device?

About 6 weeks before the end of the minimum interlock period, contact an accredited drink driver education agency for your final assessment and report.

The assessment will take place after the interlock period has ended. You need to contact the company that installed and services your interlock, and provide that company with the name of the drink driver education agency and the date for your final assessment.

You will need to consent to the release of information from your interlock supplier to the agency conducting your final assessment. After booking your final assessment and contacting your interlock supplier, you should attend Court and sign your application for removal of interlock condition.

Your hearing will take place 28 days after lodging your application, and at least 7 days after you have completed your final assessment. When the Court has given you a hearing date phone our office and book an appointment to see one of our solicitors if you want us to act on your behalf at the interlock removal hearing.

The Magistrates’ Court will notify the police, and a police officer will interview you before your application is heard at Court.

What happens at my court hearing?

The Magistrate will consider your final assessment, and the data provided by your Interlock supplier. Your interlock supplier will have provided a report which lists the number of times the Interlock has been used to start your car. The report discloses occasions when the engine did not start due to a BAC over 0%.

We then need to explain any problems to the Magistrate. A Magistrate will often be reluctant to grant the removal of an interlock condition where multiple failures are listed.

After a successful application for removal of Interlock Condition attend the nearest VicRoads office, bring your driver’s license, and bring the Interlock Removal Order.

Do I need a lawyer?

Having a lawyer attend your application for Interlock Removal may save an unnecessary further period without a licence. If, for example, the matter is adjourned because of some problem you have not foreseen then you will remain under an interlock order.

We have years of experience in this technical field of traffic law, and will ensure your application is as effective as it can be. We will take you through the possible hurdles and questions that you might have to answer. We will also discuss with you the questions that we will be asking you.