Children and Bail

Children charged with criminal offences can apply for bail.
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When a child is charged with a criminal offence, the police may decide whether the child will be released on bail or remain in custody. In some cases a child may only be granted bail by the court, so the child will need to apply for bail.

A child charged with committing a criminal offence may apply for bail in the Children’s Court.

In determining your application for bail, the bail decision maker must consider:

  1. The need to consider all other options before remanding you in custody; and
  2. The need to strengthen and preserve your relationship with your family, guardians or carers; and
  3. The desirability of allowing you to stay at your current living arrangements without interruption or disturbance; and
  4. The desirability of allowing you to attend school or work without interruption or disturbance; and
  5. The need to reduce the stigma to you resulting from being remanded in custody; and
  6. The likely sentence you would receive if you were found guilty of the offence/s charged; and
  7. The need to ensure that the conditions of bail are not more onerous than are necessary.

What Happens if Bail is Denied?

If bail is denied, you cannot be remanded for more than 21 days. If the Court decides to remand you for a further period, that time cannot exceed 21 days.

Doogue + George are experienced lawyers in the Children’s Court and can offer help and support to children applying for bail. 

Alternately, if you are on bail and have been charged with a bail offence, we may be able to contact the informant and organise for you to be re-bailed. Our lawyers will explore all your options. Call  03 9670 5111 or fill out the form to the right of this page to meet with a lawyer who can help you.