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Bill DoogueThe article Robot Lawyers is written by Bill Doogue, Director, Accredited Criminal Law Specialist, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers.

Bill is a director of the operations of Doogue + George. He has been an accredited criminal law specialist ever since 1998 and has over 30 years of experience in criminal defence.

Over the years, Bill's legal expertise has allowed the firm to represent numerous clients - including high ranking church officials, state and federal politicians, as well as huge corporations which sometimes involve foreign jurisdictions. His excellence in the field earned him a Law Institute of Victoria Service Award in 2013 and the title of Preeminent Criminal Defence Lawyer in the Doyle’s Guide 2023.

Robot Lawyers LogoWe are very proud to launch Robot Lawyers.

The official launch will be by Ben Carroll MLA, Parliamentary Secretary for Justice in a week but the site is now live at

The site aims to help unrepresented people to tell their story.

Sometimes new approaches bring with them concerns of unintended consequences. Robot Lawyers is no different as in some sense, it could be seen as a “disruptive” to the legal profession.

We believe that Robot Lawyers, in one form or another has been on the horizon for a long time and that transactional work in the Courts is ripe for this approach.

We are offering this service for free because we do not want to see someone else do it and charge people money for it. Our approach is that if a person can’t pay for a good advocate then you shouldn’t try to take a little bit of their money off them just for the sake of it.

There are a lot of services and processes in the law which will have a Robot Lawyer type approach. This is something we should all embrace and realize that technology can be a powerful factor for improving outcomes for Courts, lawyers and most importantly, clients

We are comfortable as lawyers that we will keep having clients. People will always need advice on strategy and how to approach a case. Even in minor matters they will still want to have an advocate at their side.

Robot Lawyers does not take the place of a lawyer representing a client in Court. It simply helps those who cannot afford one and represent themselves before the Court.

And as far as I can see, there is only good in that. We welcome any suggestions how the service can be improved.
Date Published: 22 November 2016

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