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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant, which increases the speed of messages travelling between the body and the brain. Originally coming from South America, cocaine use is widespread in Australia, and the combination of its cost and addictive properties can lead to financial problems for addicted users.

Forms of Cocaine

The most common form of cocaine is the white powder form, called cocaine hydrochloride. This powder can be further processed to produce cocaine base, or “crack” cocaine. Powder cocaine is commonly snorted, although it can also be injected or rubbed into the gums. “Crack” cocaine is usually smoked.

Street Names

Cocaine goes by a number of street names, including “C”, “coke”, “nose candy”, “snow”, “blow”, “charlie”, and “stardust”.

Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine can have a large number of effects on users, depending on the user and the method of consumption. These can include, but are not limited to, anxiety, an increased breathing rate, physiological arousal, increased libido, paranoia, unpredictable behaviour, and reduced appetite.

Cocaine and the Law

In Victoria, it is illegal to possess, produce or supply/traffick Cocaine. In Victoria, Cocaine charges are related to the following:

Regardless of whether the offence is for Cocaine Possession, Production or Trafficking, the court takes these matters very seriously and harsh penalties are often imposed.

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