Charges Withdrawn

Did the Prosecution withdraw the charges?

If you have charge sheets and the prosecution have decided to withdraw all your charges, you and the prosecution need to go into court and the prosecution will tell the Magistrate the charges are withdrawn. That means the matter is over.

If they withdraw charges rather than have them dismissed they can re-lay them at some later point. With a lot of summary matters there are time limits for charges to be laid. It is very rare that charges get laid again at a later point and our firm has not had a case where they have been. It is pretty clear when cases are being withdrawn what the real reason is (for example there is no proper identification evidence, the police don’t have enough evidence etc).

If the matter was a “Notice to Appear” one, the withdrawal of that Notice does not mean that they will not be proceeding. It may mean that the charges are withdrawn, but if an Informant is busy they might withdraw the Notice and issue charges at a later point.

Normally a withdrawal of charges is an acknowledgement that they can not prove you guilty of the charges.