Case Conference in a Criminal Case

A “Case Conference” is where the prosecution and defence are brought together to see if the matter is capable of being resolved. For the case conference, the prosecution prepare an outline of the facts of what they believe they can prove and what charges they believe are appropriate. They give a copy to the accused’s lawyers prior to the case conference and they then file a response stating an outline of the defence case.

The aim of the case conference is to identify whether a matter is capable of resolution or not.

Case conferences in criminal cases are held outside normal Court sitting times with an aim of keeping them short. Generally a case conference is listed at 9am or 9.30am and will be finished within an hour of that time.

If the matter resolves through negotiation at the case conference as a guilty plea then it will be allocated a date for that plea. Sufficient time will normally be allocated to allow you to obtain necessary reports (medical or psychological).

If the case cannot resolve then, at the case conference, the case will be booked in for a trial and a directions hearing will also be listed.