Doogue + George’s new Moorabbin office

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Doogue + GeorgeThe article Doogue + George’s new Moorabbin office is written by Doogue + George Defence Lawyers.

Doogue + George are experts in criminal law and have been involved in thousands of criminal matters and defended clients in hundreds of jury trials and thousands of other criminal cases. Our experienced lawyers have unparalleled experience in criminal law.

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Doogue+ George are proud to announce the opening of our newest office, servicing the Moorabbin Justice Centre, located at Level 1 441 South Road, Moorabbin. Our phone number is (03) 9556 5467.

The concept of the Justice Centre is one that was introduced by the previous Victorian Labour government and while it bears that name, there is nothing about the way it functions or dispenses justice that is different from a Magistrates Court. Unsurprisingly, this Justice centre is often referred to by Police, lawyers and those who frequent it as the Moorabbin Magistrates Court.

This is Doogue + George’s fourth Court-based office after Broadmeadows, Melbourne and Heidelberg and one that we have planned to open for some time in order to better serve our clients appearing in Melbourne’s major Courts. Our lawyers appear in all Melbourne Metropolitan and regional Victorian Courts and, having regular appearances at Moorabbin, we can now better deal with administration arising from Court hearings and facilitate appointments in Moorabbin and surrounding areas.

Anyone familiar with the Moorabbin Court would know that it is not very well serviced by any local Solicitors because it is situated on the Nepean Highway at a location that has no office space. Almost all the other suburban Courts have Solicitors within a stone’s throw or reasonable distance.

For those of us who attend regularly, the Moorabbin Justice Centre is a well designed Court with very good facilities but as with most new Courts it bears the strange feeling of having an ambience like an airport waiting lounge rather than a place where Justice is administered and dispensed.

There are generally two full time Magistrates at the Moorabbin Court and then other Magistrates are often brought in from Frankston Magistrates Court to fill any gaps that might arise.

If you or anyone you know need an appointment to discuss your criminal law case with a Moorabbin criminal lawyer than please call us on (03) 9556 5476.

Moorabbin Justice Centre
1140 Nepean Highway
Phone: (03) 9090 8000
Fax: (03) 9090 8001

Doogue + George Defence Lawyers Moorabbin
Level 1, 441 South Road
Phone: (03) 9556 5476

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Date Published: 19 July 2012

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