Legal Partners

We can assist you by referring you to our legal partners in other states. Criminal Law in Australia is based on State Legislation (with the exception of Commonwealth Crimes) according to the state where the offence has been committed.We can refer you to our legal partners through ADLA. Doogue + George can provide legal representation for any crimes or driving offences allegedly committed in Victoria.

For offences committed outside Victoria, we highly recommend these Criminal Law Firms:

Queensland – Potts Lawyers

Potts Lawyers have offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast – and represent clients right across Queensland. The firm has evolved from Price Roobottom Lawyers, a law firm practising for over 75 years. Bill Potts has been practising criminal law for over 25 years and is regarded as one of Queensland’s most successful criminal defence lawyers. Many of his clients are well known ‘personalities’ for a number of reasons. He is supported by 5 criminal defence lawyers and provide expert representation for all manner of traffic and criminal offences. Potts Lawyers can be contacted on 07 5532 3133 or visit their website –

Northern Territory – Maleys Legal

Maleys Legal are one of the Northern Territory’s top criminal and family law firms, and have the resources to achieve the optimal outcome in your case. The Maleys team of dedicated criminal lawyers have the skills and experience required to meet the needs of your defence. Between the two, partners and brothers Peter and Gerard Maley have experience in criminal, family, traffic and white collar crime, and have strong ties to their local community.You can contact Maleys Legal on 08 8918 2266 or visit their extensive website –

South Australia – Caldicott LawyersSouth Australia – Caldicott Lawyers

You can contact Caldicott Lawyers on 08 8110 7100 or visit their website –

Western Australia – Chelmsford LegalWestern Australia – Chelmsford Legal

You can contact Chelmsford Legal on 08 6500 1230 or visit their website –

Tasmania – Republic ChambersTasmania – Republic Chambers

You can contact Greg Barns on +61 419 691 846 or visit his web page –