ADLA – Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance

Doogue + George – Victorian Member of the Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance – ADLA

ADLA is a national alliance of law firms specialising in Criminal Law with representation in each state and territory in Australia. In addition to Doogue + George, ADLA members include:

These law firms are selected based on their size, experience, reputation and ethics. With a legal team of more than 20 and over 15 years experience in criminal law in Victoria – more specifically, Melbourne, Broadmeadows, Heidelberg, Sunshine, and Moorabbin; Doogue + George was the obvious choice as the Victorian member for ADLA.

The role of ADLA is to provide all Australians with access to information about all aspects of criminal law (including corporate crime) by providing websites that include comprehensive information about:

  • Criminal charges and the laws in each state and territory
  • Corporate criminal offences (white collar crime) in each state and territory
  • Traffic offences for each state and territory
  • Information on the possible defences used for criminal charges
  • Information on likely penalties for criminal charges
  • Advice on what you should do if charged by police
  • Explanation and virtual tours of the court process
  • Locations of Police stations, Courts and Prisons
  • Case studies

Criminal law is an enormous and highly complex area of law. The combined knowledge and experience of more than 50 specialist criminal defence lawyers is accessible to any client of an ADLA member. There is no other legal body in Australia that can offer such resources in Criminal Law.

If you are seeking legal representation for a serious traffic matter, criminal charge or your business is under investigation, an ADLA Criminal Law firm is your best option.