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Robbery Offences

Have you been charged with robbery offences?
We can help you.

If you have been charged with robbery offences, we are criminal lawyers who can help you.

Robbery offences are mainly robbery or armed robbery, these are both forms of theft with violence.

Read on to find out further information on Victorian law as it applies to robbery charges as well as real case studies ,outlining our vast experience.

Many of our clients have had armed robbery charges and/or robbery charges dismissed at committal or at trial. We have also appeared for clients who have avoided immediate prison sentences.

Some issues in robbery offences are;

  • Was there actually a threat of violence or violence itself?
  • What level of involvement did you actually have?

Latest assault case studies

This is a case study on a bail application for driving offences and other charges. What is alleged to have occured? Our client was a young man who failed to attend court for matters related to an alleged attempted robbery of a shop and assaults committed in a train. Some …
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This is a case study on a sentence of Community Corrections Order that got cancelled.

Our client had breached his County Court Community Corrections Order for the second time because of non-compliance and further offending. The original offending for which he was placed on the order was an unplanned …
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This is a case study on applying for bail for Armed Robbery.

Armed robbery is a schedule 2 offence which means that we had to satisfy the magistrate hearing the bail application that ‘compelling circumstances’ existed as to why his remand in custody was not justified. ‘Compelling circumstances’ is …
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