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Sexual penetration of a child under 16

Mandatory Child Sex Offence Laws

Written by Sophie Parsons, Senior Associate, In-House Counsel, Accredited Criminal Law Specialist, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers The Federal parliament has introduced legislation addressing child sexual offending known as the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Crimes Against Children and Community Protection...

Scales of Justice

Headline: No jail for ‘exemplary’ woman who sped through stop sign, killed four. Cue: Public outrage

Written by Amelia Ramsay, Associate, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers Recently, the age published an article bearing the headline, “No jail for ‘exemplary’ woman who sped through stop sign, killed four.” This kind of inflammatory reporting consistently sends people to...

COVID-19 and the Courts

COVID-19 and the courts: How are courts responding to COVID-19 in their decisions?

Written by Tyson Manicolo, Associate, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers The outbreak of COVID-19 (‘coronavirus’) has radically changed our lifestyle in a way that we could never have predicted. It has indiscriminately stunned every aspect of our lives. The drastic...


Hostile activities – Part 1

Written by Isabelle Skaburskis, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers Criminal law gives the government power to take away people’s liberty. It is also meant to curb and constrain this power. The power to detain in a liberal society is...


Eroding judicial independence

Written by Tyson Manicolo, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers The Constitution of Australia establishes three arms of Federal and State government: The Executive, The Legislature, and The Judiciary. The three arms of government create a system of checks and...

Scales of Justice

Suppression orders

Written by Sophie Parsons, Lawyer & In-House Counsel, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers Not many could have missed the media coverage of Cardinal George Pell’s sentencing hearing this week. It was a climactic scene that followed a lengthy and emotional...

Prison Wall

"Tough on crime" is failing

Written by Andrew George. Director, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. This afternoon I read a typically reflective and well argued opinion piece by Peter Nordon (Adjunct professor RMIT). He reflected on his experience in the Victorian criminal justice system for over 40...