Claim of Right

Claim of Right

Claim of Right The courts are full of cases where someone is said to have taken another’s property or money. They range from lower level shop thefts, right through to large scale financial fraud involving millions of dollars. These types...

Lady Justice

Hostile activities – Part 2

Written by Isabelle Skaburskis, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers I recently published a post that was critical of the Court of Appeal’s 2018 decision in the case of Dacre & Ors v R.1 That judgment established a problematic construction...

Victorian Parliament

Victory has many fathers, defeat has none

It is great to see the progress and that a committee has
been formed to consider legislation on spent convictions.
It is long overdue and something Doogue + George applaud and have been advocating about for many years.

Social Media Icons

Criminalising social media – A double standard

Criminalising social media – A double standard The Federal government is planning to introduce legislation which will see executives of social media companies prosecuted for not removing terrorist content in a ‘reasonable amount of time’. This is in response to...

Man in an Airport

Sex offender travel ban a sweeping populist move

Written by Bill Doogue, Director, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers A recent SBS investigation Australian paedophiles still trying to travel overseas despite passport ban outlines the new legislation banning registered sex offenders from traveling outside of Australia in reference to...


Presumption against bail

Written by Bill Doogue. Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. Increasingly, I am left shaking my head at law and order in Victoria. The similarity to the Trump presidency is frightening in its capacity to strike a blow every few days...

Victorian Parliament

Simplified jury directions

Written by Bill Doogue, partner Doogue + George Solicitors. Bill is an Accredited Specialist. Earlier this month the Jury Directions Bill 2015 was introduced to Parliament and I, for one, am pleased to see a reasonable attempt at the simplification...