Mentor and Mentee

A Good Mentor

Written by Kate Da Costa, Senior Associate, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers Having managed to complete a law degree without ever having the intention or desire to be a lawyer, early one March morning some years ago, I found myself...

Specialist Defence Lawyers

Developments in Victorian Criminal Law Due to COVID-19 – Judge Alone Trials

Written by Sam Cooper, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers The COVID-19 pandemic has forced an already overburdened Victorian criminal justice system to delay hearings to accommodate public health imperatives. Perhaps the most noteworthy example of this was the March...

Lady Justice

Hostile activities – Part 2

Written by Isabelle Skaburskis, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers I recently published a post that was critical of the Court of Appeal’s 2018 decision in the case of Dacre & Ors v R.1 That judgment established a problematic construction...