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criminal defence

The right to silence

The right to silence

Written by Tyson Manicolo, Associate, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers I was surprised to come across an online article on the ABC news website this morning which reported a murder trial in Western Australia. The article is titled – ‘Accused...

ADLA Conference 2015 speaker – Dr. Bradley Shatz Digital Forensics Expert – Digital data and criminal investigations

Written by Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. Recent events, such as Edward Snowden’s divulging of the surveillance apparatuses being run by various governments, have increased our awareness of the great amount of data being captured and retained by our electronic devices...

Jury selection

Written by Bill Doogue.Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. I must say, I almost choked on my weetbix and rice milk the other day when I read at the end of an article in the Age, that the Jury Commissioner “supported...