Procurement of Minor for Child Pornography

This offence is now known as “Involving a Child in the Production of Child Abuse Material“.

This offending is about getting a minor (ie. someone under 18) to participate in child pornography. It often comes as a surprise to people that they can have a sexual relationship with a person over 16 and under 18 but they will receive a child porn charge if they photograph them in the nude.

Child pornography charges are treated with great seriousness by the Courts.

The aim of the large sentences handed out for this offence is to protect other children from being used in child pornography.

There are though times when you can defend these charges successfully. This can be where you did not believe that the person was under 18. Or when there is a factual dispute as to whether in fact you were involved in procuring them to do anything.

This offence will often be heard in the County Court in which case defending this charge will be in front of jury.

Given the penalties involved a decision on whether to plead guilty or not will have big consequences for you and should only be made after proper discussion with a criminal lawyer.

The section that covers this offence is section 51B of the Crimes Act.

Possible Defences

In a case of Procurement of minor for child pornography, the following defences may be applicable to the charge:

What penalties can be imposed for a charge of Procurement of minor for child pornography?
  • Adjournment of the Charges on Undertaking (Good Behaviour Bond)
  • Fine
  • Community Corrections Order
  • Suspended Prison Sentence
  • Term of Imprisonment
What is the legislation for the charge of Procurement of minor for child pornography?

The legislation for this offence can be found on section 51B of Crimes Act 1958.

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