Offence to Drive High-Powered Vehicle

Offence to Drive High Powered Motor Vehicle is found in section 57 of the Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2009 in Victoria. It is a criminal offence that is committed by a person who was found to have driven a probationary-prohibited vehicle on a highway despite being a holder of a probationary driver’s licence.

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Police Interview

Did you know that when dealing with police you can ask to speak to a lawyer at any time, including when you are intercepted by police when driving? Are you aware of the circumstances when it might be in your best interests to answer police questions, or when it would be best to say ‘no comment’?

If police wish to interview you in relation to the charge of Drive High Powered Motor Vehicle, you should speak to an expert criminal lawyer as soon as possible prior to speaking to police to ensure that you receive the best advice about how to proceed.

Pleading Not Guilty

Did you know that if police charge you with a criminal offence, each element of that offence must be made out before a Court can find you guilty beyond reasonable doubt?

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Pleading Guilty

Is your probationary driver’s licence is very important to you? If you are pleading guilty to the offence of Drive High Powered Motor Vehicle, did you know that the Court has the power to make an order against your licence?

An expert criminal lawyer will provide you advice about necessary steps to take before your matter goes to Court, and make detailed submissions to the Court on your behalf about why your licence is so important to you.


A person accused of the Offence to Drive High-Powered Vehicle may be defended in court through the following criminal defences:

  • Factual dispute
  • The person was driving a high powered motor vehicle in the course of his or her employment and at the request of his or her employer.
  • The person is exempt by written authorisation from VicRoads due to their employment or family circumstances.
  • The person was driving sitting next to a person who holds an appropriate licence for the category of vehicle and that there is a driver under instruction plate affixed to, and facing out from, the front and rear of the vehicle.
Maximum penalty and court that will hear this charge

There is a maximum penalty of 10 penalty units (financial penalty) that may be imposed against a person who is proven to be guilty of the Offence to Drive High Powered Motor Vehicle (regulation 57 of the Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2009). As a summary offence, any case will be heard at the Magistrates’ Court.



Reg. 57. Offence to drive high powered motor vehicle

(1) The holder of a probationary driver licence must not drive a probationary prohibited vehicle on a highway.

What the prosecution must prove – Offence to drive probationary prohibited vehicle
  1. The driver was a probationary driver
  2. The driver drove a high powered motor vehicle on a highway

Sentencing in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

Sentencing Statistics Pie Chart for Probationary Driver Driving a Prohibited Vehicle (revoked) in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria Between 2018 and 2021