Legal Aid Lawyer Broadmeadows

Contact Doogue + George Criminal for a Legal Aid Lawyer Broadmeadows. We are a legal aid law firm that handles legal aid clients for Victoria Legal Aid (“VLA”) at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court.

If you are eligible for legal aid funding you will pay no fees to us for appearing at Broadmeadows as legal aid lawyers. Legal aid work is fully funded by Victoria Legal Aid.

Our Legal Aid Lawyer Broadmeadows Office handles many murders, serious drug offences and other charges as legal aid funded lawyers. We also handle a lot of more simple matters that are heard in the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court.

Because we have passed the requirements and have been registered legal aid lawyers for around 15 years Victoria Legal Aid will pay us to act for legal aid clients at Broadmeadows. That is people who satisfy the VLA guidelines as to whether or not they qualify for legal aid. There is a financial assessment as to eligibility for legal aid and there is also a merits test as to whether the charges you face are serious enough to warrant Legal Aid funding the case.

What this means is that for a Broadmeadows legal aid client, you can choose whom you want to represent you. You can ring and choose a lawyer from Victoria Legal Aid Sunshine or you can ring us and we will represent you.

Our firm is on the summary legal aid panel and the indictable legal aid panel. The indictable legal aid panel which handles the serious criminal cases for VLA has very strict criteria for qualifying as legal aid lawyers . Our firm had to establish both experience in the field of criminal law and a capacity to handle cases within the guidelines of legal aid funding for a case.

Our office has handled a vast number of legal aid cases at Sunshine Court over the years and we can give you quick and accurate advice as to your eligibility and your likely outcome.

Our Broadmeadows office phone number is (03) 9351 1455.