Tyson Manicolo

Tyson Manicolo is a criminal solicitor, who appears on a daily basis in the Magistrates’, County and Children’s Courts of Victoria on pleas of guilty, pleas of not guilty, bail applications, appeals, intervention order matters and all driving matters. Tyson also has experience in representing people with their firearm and security license matters.

Tyson was admitted to practice in 2016.

Prior to commencing with Doogue + George, Tyson worked for a generalist firm in the city practising in criminal and civil matters. It was here that Tyson realised his passion for criminal law and he decided to pursue a career focusing on representing people charged with criminal offences.

Tyson defends clients charged by Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP). His areas of expertise include all Police matters dealt with in the Magistrates’ and Children’s Court such as:

  • assaults,
  • breach of Community Correction Orders,
  • IVO matters including breaches,
  • stalking,
  • drug offences,
  • theft offences,
  • threats to kill, and
  • all driving offences.

Tyson also has experience in handling indictable matters dealt with in the County Court such as:

  • burglaries,
  • drug offences,
  • car-jackings,
  • home invasions,
  • serious assault matters, and
  • culpable driving,

Tyson has a particular interest in contested bail applications heard in the Magistrates’ Court. Tyson’s understanding of bail laws and amendments the Bail Act  in mid-2018 have seen him write prolifically on the subject, contributing to the Bail section of our website and blogs, voicing his views on how to improve the prospects of bail.

Tyson is familiar with support services such as CISP bail and has used this service to secure bail for his clients in the past.

Tyson has experience in the appellant jurisdiction where he has achieved great results in both the County Court and the Court of Appeal for conviction appeals and sentence appeals. Clients who appeal their outcome generally feel aggrieved because their previous lawyer did not present all of the mitigating material they should have to the Court resulting in a severe penalty. Therefore, Tyson takes the time to communicate with his clients and their families to understand why they feel that their outcome was too excessive and gathers as much mitigating material as possible so that he can try to correct the error on appeal. Tyson gives appeal matters the priority they deserve because there are limitations on when a person can file their appeal.

Finally, Tyson has developed a strong practice in representing people whose firearm, security, crowd controller license or working with children authorisation has been suspended because of pending criminal charges. Tyson has written numerous successful submissions to the relevant licensing bodies convincing them not to suspend his clients’ license. Tyson appreciates how important it is to his client’s livelihood that they continue to be licensed so that they can continue to work in their chosen profession. Tyson believes in the presumption of innocence and that people should not have their license suspended pending the finalisation of their criminal matter.

Tyson understands that being accused of wrong-doing by the Police is daunting for his clients and their loved ones. He also understands that navigating the court process is overwhelming, which is why he takes the time to provide his clients with clear advice so they know what to expect. Tyson works tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for his clients by meticulously preparing his matters before attending Court. It is his high level of preparation, which has seen Tyson in the past convince Prosecutors to withdraw charges, avoid gaol sentences for serious offences and persuade Magistrates not to record a conviction against his client’s name for serious matters.

When representing clients in trials in the County Court, Tyson believes that it is vital to the success of the case that a case strategy is developed early on. Therefore, he spends as much time as is needed in getting instructions from his clients and pursuing every possible avenue which may lead to charges being withdrawn or an acquittal.

In 2015, Tyson completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Legal Studies at La Trobe University. After university, Tyson went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the College of Law.

In his spare time, Tyson volunteers at the Hope Café feeding underprivileged people and was previously a voluntary member of the State Emergency Services.