Nikita Bailey

Nikita Bailey is based at our Sunshine office and will appear regularly at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court as well as other Magistrates’ courts in Melbourne and Victoria.

Nikita is a passionate legal advocate who has a particular interest in pursuing a career defending sexual crimes and violent crimes such as murder and aggravated assaults. Nikita has a background in sociology and as such is interested in trying to understand what leads to certain offending occurring. Nikita believes that offending does not happen in isolation and that it is important to look to a person’s background and circumstances to understand what may have led to an individual being charged. Nikita believes that a person’s background can be a helpful tool in demonstrating to a judge or magistrate why a more lenient outcome may be appropriate.

Nikita is skilled at communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. Nikita worked as a volunteer at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. It was her job to listen to others and to determine what services would best suit their needs. It was here that Nikita learnt how to skilfully listen and provide helpful solutions to those who needed it most.

No matter the crime, or accusation, Nikita will listen with an open mind and without judgment. Nikita believes that being charged with a criminal offence is a daunting experience. However, it does not need to be an experience that defines someone’s life. Nikita strives to alleviate the anxiety and burden of being charged with an offence through her meticulous problem solving and outstanding work ethic.

Separate to her legal practice, Nikita is also an athlete. Nikita is a talented powerlifter and understands what it means to have discipline beyond motivation. Nikita will apply this discipline to her clients’ cases to secure them the best outcome.

Nikita graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Juris doctor and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in sociology and international politics. It was at university that Nikita developed a particular passion for research and investigative work. Nikita enjoys creating unique approaches and strategies through forensically analysing the evidence of any situation.