Jon Ross

Jon is an experienced criminal lawyer who has practised exclusively in criminal defence in London for over 20 years. Jon is based at our Broadmeadows and Melbourne offices.

Jon RossJon practised in one of London’s largest criminal defence firms for over 20 years. His experience in London was wide and varied, acting for clients involved in large scale frauds, kidnapping, murder, violent crime, serious sexual offences, and a high-profile Public Inquiry that has lasted several years and is still ongoing.

Jon developed a strong practice in South East London, acting for clients involved in serious gang-related violence. His cases were heard in a variety of both Magistrates’ and Crown Courts across London, as well as a number of cases heard at the historic Old Bailey courthouse. Jon regularly appeared in the Magistrates’ Court to represent clients facing trials, as well as dealing with bail applications, first appearances, contested legal arguments and sentencing proceedings.

While practising in London, Jon was responsible for supervising other solicitors and legal professionals. He also acted as a supervising solicitor for accreditation purposes, which included peer reviewing files to ensure matters were progressed appropriately and conducted to a high standard.

Jon is experienced in high-pressure cases involving multiple complex evidential strands, including expert evidence on a wide range of evidential issues including:

  • Blood splatter
  • DNA
  • Forensics
  • Gait
  • Cell site evidence
  • Mobile phone attribution

Jon relishes in sitting down with his clients and taking the time to hear their side of the story, understanding the facts of the case, and devising a clear strategy in order to achieve the objectives of the case. Jon understands that facing the prospect of a criminal case can be an incredibly stressful and difficult experience. He believes in high quality representation, meticulous preparation, attention to detail and a sympathetic, down-to-earth approach. There are many different reasons why someone can find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system, and Jon is passionate about helping people to navigate their way through the often complicated and daunting process.