Isabelle Skaburskis

Isabelle has a wide-ranging practice in both summary and indictable crime, post-sentence orders, County Court appeals, submission drafting, and pre-charge work at the time of a person’s initial police interview. She also advises people subject to internal workplace investigation who may be liable for future prosecution.

Isabelle has a strong interest in cases with a human rights aspect, or an international component. She has particular expertise in terrorism matters, especially post-sentence detention, supervision or control orders. She also has a strong interest in providing sensitive and high-quality legal representation to trans and gender diverse people in the criminal justice system.

Isabelle is committed to helping people who have been victims of injustice, subjects of vexatious complaints, and / or who come from marginalised backgrounds. She advocates for systemic reform against the most egregious injustices of our penal system, including Victorian bail laws and the overuse of solitary confinement.

Isabelle instructs and appears in all courts. She has taken two cases to the High Court of Australia, and has had several matters before the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria. She appears regularly in the County Court and Magistrates’ Courts.

Before becoming a solicitor, she was an Associate to the Honourable Justice Jane Dixon at the Supreme Court of Victoria. Prior to that, she was a Bateman Scholar at the University of Cambridge, where she achieved a Masters of Law (international law) (LLM(i)). She graduated with a First, and finished first in her area of specialisation, second overall. Isabelle also has a Juris Doctor from the University of Melbourne where she received First Class Honours, and a joint-honours degree from the University of Toronto in Political Science and Philosophy, where she graduated with distinction.

Isabelle has lived and worked around the world, including Asia and the Middle East, and is sensitive to how personal experiences, cultural backgrounds and belief systems influence people’s decisions and values. As a lawyer, Isabelle seeks to understand the unique circumstances of her client, offer the best personalised advice, and ensure that her client’s voice is heard, and respected in court.