Josie came to Doogue + George after a two year County Court associateship working for his Honour Judge Higham. She was admitted to legal practice in November 2020 after completing a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the University of Melbourne.

In addition to the usual roles of a Judge’s Associate, working exclusively in the Court’s criminal division, Britt assisted Judge Higham with his Honour’s management of the Sexual Offences List and the implementation of the County Court’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Court in her capacity as associate to the judge in charge of those lists. This experience has provided Britt with unique insight into the County Court’s case management and listings of criminal trial matters, and specialised experience working on sexual offending cases and in the field of drug courts and therapeutic jurisprudence.

Britt has also worked as a Research Assistant at Melbourne Law School, and volunteered extensively including for over three years within the legal team at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and at Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre’s Police Accountability Project. During her studies, Britt completed an array of internships, both domestically and internationally, providing her with further experience working in a broad range of practice areas across statutory bodies, community legal centres, law firms, courts and barristers’ chambers.

Britt believes that a criminal charge need not define a person, nor determine their future prospects. Britt will work hard to understand her clients and their stories, presenting them in the best possible light to secure successful outcomes.