Police disclosure issues

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Police StationI was contacted by an officer from Victoria Police about our post of November the 7th on disclosure issues. He is involved in training the force in relation to disclosure. The Officer indicated that the email we were sent was not acceptable and they were trying to improve their processes.

I was asked to post the following;

“The attached email and apparent lack of willingness to disclose are not reflective of the way Victoria Police is trying to do business. It is not consistent with our policy or training material. We will continue to work hard to drive a strong message to our members around active and ongoing disclosure aimed at progressing matters as efficiently as possible. “

To be fair to the Officer he seemed very genuine in his desire to make these processes work better.

If any solicitors have suggestions about how disclosure can be improved or where it is failing they can either forward them to Ffyona at the Law Institute or send them through here and we will post them (as long as they are not libelous or too preposterous). It will, of course, be posted with your name attached.

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