Homicide Offences

Have you been charged with homicide offences?
We can help you.

We are criminal lawyers who can help you if you have been charged with homicide offences,

We have handled many cases that involved deaths and can use that experience to help you. These are sort of cases where you need practical advice from experts.

Please look further down the page for articles and information about homicide charges charges. Each article explains the law, how we defend charges if you are pleading not guilty and possible penalties if you are pleading guilty.

The issues that we help you look at are;

  • Can the prosecution prove the death was your fault?
  • What actually happened? 
  • Was someone else at fault?
  • Is there a chance the Police have misunderstood what happened?

Latest Homicide Case Studies

Arson Causing Death – Acquitted

This is a case study on arson causing death resulting in the accused being acquitted. What is alleged to have occured? The client’s daughter had set fire to the former family home, become trapped inside the burning premises and had died. The prosecution alleged that the accused had been involved …

Culpable Driving Plea, County Court

The client was charged with culpable driving causing the death of his best friend, whom he had known since primary school. The two had been drinking at a 21st birthday party when the client became upset at a comment made to him by another party-goer. What is alleged to have …

Culpable Driving

This is case study on a charge of Culpable Driving Causing Death resulting in an acquittal. What is alleged to have occured? The client was driving a car back from her beach house on the Mornington Peninsula. She was travelling at the speed limit. An elderly person walked out onto …